Jul 2009 – War on the Horizon Tour
Posted on July 1st, 2009


Brothers and sisters, we are under a worldwide militant white-sex assault (check out this link for an example: Mandatory “Gay Day” for kindergartners in California).  The white and Black “homosexual” communities are targeting our children for sexualization.  They’re training Black children to be degenerates, lesbians, homosexuals, and liberal dingbats who support any wayward act of european degeneracy put before them.  Before long, they will have our children actively supporting bestiality and child molestation.  I apologize.  Our children support R. Kelly.  They’re already openly supporting child molestation!

As a staple of their media assault, the smallhat media war machine consistently bombards us with images of Black men in drag – Big Mama, Madea, white Chicks, Wanda, Norbit, just to name a few.

“Homosexuals” are promoting lesbianism to our young daughters.  Our young sisters are dressing like boys, taping their breasts,  grabbing their crotches, and having sex with one another.  “Homosexuals” are also promoting white-sex to our sons.  Our young brothers are wearing tight jeans, wearing their pants below their waste line, carrying purses, coloring their hair, wearing florescent colored clothing, emulating Black gay male role models (ex: Omar from “The Wire”), and having sex with one another.  This situation is intolerable.  And most of our people are not properly informed on the issue of white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia) to combat this assault.

So it’s time for the Black Race to stand up and be heard.  We are the only sense of morality left in the entire world and we need to clean our act up and begin to push back now!

  1. •We need to push back against hat-hop and the N-word.

  2. •We need to push back against integrated relationships and the absence of Black Race responsibility.

  3. •We need to push back against Black indecency.

  4. •We need to push back against poor parenting practices in the  Black community.

  5. •We need to push back against the worldwide increase of “homosexuals” adopting Black babies.

  6. •We need to push back against white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia).

  7. •And we need to push back against white aggression in general.

We need an uncompromising voice of truth and Black aggression.  And it’s here.  The Irritated Genie of Soufeese is coming to a town near you.  And he’s not coming to make friends.  He’s coming to save the Race by awakening the sleeping giant in the Black masses.  He’s going to jump-start this next Black Nationalist Movement with a tour of the East Coast and the South that’s guaranteed to rock the intellectual foundation of white supremacy at its core.

Check the Tour Schedule for details of the location and time near you.  He’s starting in the Washington, DC area, traveling to New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, coming back down to DC, moving on to North Carolina and into the mecca of Black “gay” life, Atlanta, GA.

After he finishes lighting the fire to Georgia, he’ll be lecturing in Tennessee with those Memphis boys.  That’s right.  The Irritated Genie of Soufeese will be in Memphis, TN on Friday, June 26, 2009 with Brothas Keepa for their Red, Black, Green (RBG) Weekend celebration.

Then he’ll move on down to Lafayette, LA to be with those powerful community activist brothers and sisters of the Community Defender.  They’ve been hosting one of the most powerful television shows in the country for close to a decade now.  From there, he’ll move on to Baton Rouge, LA, and finally on to New Orleans, LA.

For the conclusion of the tour, he will present his 1 of a kind lecture on the history of white racial aggression entitled, Genocide: A Narration of the History of white Brutality and Demonism.  In the aftermath of ”The Bush-Brown Massacre of 2005” commonly referred to as Hurricane Katrina, there’s no way you can be in the South and miss this history-making event.

The lecture tour schedule summary is located below, but you can get this summary and the entire detailed War on the Horizon Tour Schedule by going to the Tour Schedule option of the menu bar located at the top of the page.  Remember to continue to check regularly for changes and updates.


We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon,

See You on the Battlefield

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

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