Apr 2009 – Pedophiles on Goree Island
Posted on April 1st, 2009


Homosexual Pedophiles Adopting Black Children in Ethiopia

Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa 2006

Pedophiles are ravaging Black boys and girls all over this planet.  In amerikkka, the Department of Justice estimates that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually molested before the age of 18.  I believe the numbers are much greater for Black girls and Black boys in this country given the mix of crack addicted homes, the fascination with hip-hop music, the mass incarceration of young Black males, the increasing trend towards adoption of Black children by open homosexuals, and the number of fatherless homes we have in our community.  These factors combine to create a sexual nightmare for Black children in amerikkka.

But this problem is not just here in amerikkka.  Afrikan children are suffering from the pain of sexual abuse throughout the world.  And in as much as this is a problem of epidemic proportions, we are losing this battle on all fronts.  In particular, Afrika is the homosexual pedophiles’ new playground.  For the past 40 years or so, it was Haiti and the islands of the South Pacific.  Countries like Cambodia, the Philippines, and other Asian countries were the place of choice for white pedophiles.  But now, due to increasing political instability, decreasing concern for preserving and maintaining Afrikan culture, sever and systemic corruption leading to massive poverty, and the increasing desire among Black people to “integrate” with white culture and merge into the “human family,” our sons and daughters are under complete siege in Afrika.  From the Congo where the UN troops are raping and impregnating the girls by the thousands, to Ethiopia where white homosexual pedophiles are adopting Ethiopian children by the thousands and taking them back to europe as sexual slaves, to Southern Afrika where child rape has become a norm, our children are under attack and very little is being done to combat it.

This is true for our sons and our daughters throughout the continent.  They are being raped with impunity.  Look at the following clip discussing Goree island in Senegal:

Goree Island in Senegal, West Afrika

for full video, click:


Goree Island is one of the most sacred places on the planet for Black people.  More of our ancestors dragged through this slave dungeon than any other place on the continent.  This was the last stop that many of our ancestors made on the Afrikan continent.  We should have an international Black Counsel governing everything that happens on that island.  Instead, it has become the homosexual’s playground.

Our Senegalese brothers and sisters ought to be ashamed of themselves.  They allow white pedophiles to rape their sons in exchange for money – “The R-Kelly Effect.”  So, our children suffer while the mothers and fathers pretend like they don’t know what’s going on.  Afrikans in Afrika are acting just like Afrikans in amerikkka, turning their backs on their own seeds and thus ensuring a miserable future for their people.  And this is supposed to be a Muslim country.

We have a lot of work to do worldwide.  And we would do ourselves a huge favor in this regard if we put pressure on Senegal to handle this situation immediately.  There should be no price high enough to pay for the children of Afrika!

If you are from Senegal, you should organize to force your Government to deal adequately with this problem.  If they do not, you should take the problem into your own hands and solve it permanently.

Spread the word.  Goree is sacred to Black people and we are not looking forward to an Atlantic Slave Trade II.

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

For more information on child sexual abuse in the Black world community, watch this DVD online in its entirety:

Predators In Our Midst – WOH DVD on YouTube

YouTube Preview Image

This DVD lecture deals directly with the problem of child sexual abuse in the Black world community. It details the history of the problem, the impact on Black people, and the intention of whites to force Black people to accept the sexual abuse of our children as being normal. It is absolutely mandatory for all Black victims of child sexual abuse! It was created for the purpose of helping Black people confront the issue of child molestation through understanding. This DVD has healing power. If you or a brother or sister you know has experienced sexual abuse, please get this video for them.

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    Let’s shank these sickos!

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    This is just like The Franklin Scandal.

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