Oct 2009 – The “Homo” Assault on Afrika
Posted on October 1st, 2009


According to the above article on Ghana’s Official website:

“This is the yearly parade of the University Hall Katanga during which students parade as women. One of the sexy-looking gays guys on the photo phoned GhanaWeb’s office to inform that this parade is not a gay parade.”

Afrika’s Future

Decades and scores have passed with white pedophiles raping Black boys and girls in Afrika.  Our motherland has become the “homosexual’s” playground.  For (30) years or more, white freaks have traveled to South Afrika to purchase the sexual favors of Black children.  In South Afrika, it is common for rapists to kidnap Black boys and/or girls, rape them, and dump their bodies in a shallow ditch or on the side of the road.

The same type of sexual tourism has been going on in Ghana for decades now.  The Government sits idly by and allows white pedophiles to roam the beaches molesting children in exchange for money.  This is going on at a beach in Ghana at this very moment.

This is a trend that exists in many West Afrikan countries like Ghana and Senegal.  In fact, Goree Island has replaced South Afrika as the white pedophile’s favorite spot in Afrika.  We detailed this situation in the April 2009 War Room.  When concerned citizens in Senegal express concern over the sexual abuse of their children by rich white “homophiles” (term for “homosexual” pedophiles), the police harass the concerned citizens.  The Black police in Senegal do this because they get paid off by the same homophiles that are raping and exploiting their children.

PS:  Many of the “homo-thug” rappers travel back and forth to Senegal each year to enjoy its underground “Gay and Pedophile Night Life.”

Similar scenarios exist throughout the Afrikan continent.  This is a major problem.  Black children in Afrika are being sexually abused at the same rate of Black children in amerikkka.  The primary difference is that the vast majority of the abuse in amerikkka occurs at the hands of Black male monsters and the majority of the abuse in Afrika today, occurs at the hands of white homophiles.

However, this won’t continue to be the case because the sexual abuse victims of the past 20 – 30 years have grown up to become “homophiles” themselves.  These homophiles are now exerting their sexual dominance and will over the helpless sons and daughters of Afrika.  Look at those freaks from Ghana above.  They are fit to take anything they want from any child they come across.



If this is not bad enough, the following headline is from a recent article in theBermuda Sun online paper that was sent to War on the Horizon detailing another aspect of the international white-sex assault on Afrikan people.  For the entire article, click the title, “Raped Men Call for Help.”

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Raped Men Call for Help

Men are being raped in Bermuda and an upsurge in reported cases of male sexual abuse has been branded “one of Bermuda’s best kept secrets.”

In amerikkka, Afrikans who have completely lost their minds are knee-deep in this european sexual madness.  And we are some of the major catalysts for much of Afrika’s sexual crisis.  Hat-hop, Black pornography, and Black “homophilia” are being transported directly to the Afrikan continent, and other places on the planet where Black people reside, by some of our sickest “brothers and sisters.”  And unfortunately, Black men and women all over the world are going for it.

If you don’t think we’re sick, look at the following pictures from a recent Black homophilia wedding.

We do not wish to assault you with any more vivid depictions of our condition.  We are convinced that War on the Horizon has worked diligently and courageously to make the point clear.  The Black Race is under a full-fledged white-sex assault.  whites intend to make us a Race of sexually backwards degenerates at any and all costs.  This is the final stage in the white racial push for the complete extermination of the Black Race from this planet.

And their “Kill an Afrikan for Free” ticket has been provided to them by their white-sex, Magic Mulatto, Uncle Jack. (See July War Room for more on “Uncle Jack.”)


It is time for the serious Black men and women around the world to make the definitive and active decision to exterminate white-sex misbehavior from our Race.  This means pedophilia, homophilia, homosexuality (including cross-dressing), and lesbianism must be made capitally punishable in Afrikan countries and Black communities throughout the world.

Additionally, the crime of sexually abusing a Black child must be made the ugliest and most brutally punished crime the world has ever seen.  Anyone, Black, white, arab, Asian, Hispanic, or other who sexually abuses a Black child should meet certain death at the hands of responsible Black men who won’t stand for this filth any longer!!!!!

Whether carried out legislatively or socially, we must protect the sexual health of our children in order to fight this intensifying battle against the white race.  Our survival as a Race of people is on the line.  Time is running out.  Let’s get serious!


Nat Turner Rising

 This lecture was not created for the beginners, the cowards, the sensitive to ear, or the weak at heart.  It was made for the warriors, the battlers, and the destroyers.  If you’ve never seen a War on the Horizon lecture before, please select another lecture for your introduction.

We’ll See You at The Battlefield

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  •   June 13th, 2010 Ebby Says:

    I can’t decide between wanting to cry or curse… I am just SO DISGUSTED by it all. We helped put away a rapist and child molester for 56- life. The sicko was a victim as a child & became a perpetrator.. But these demons need to be executed. The Kenyan people need guns to execute justice & protect their babies.
    My tender heart is getting tougher. Thank you for the information. This is SERIOUS!

  •   November 27th, 2010 Anonymous Says:

    Instead of focusing so much on the white man perpetrating amongst us we need to wipe out the evil black men and women now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •   May 23rd, 2012 craig Says:

    Sicking,disturbing,andfrighting!we are dealing with a sick white supremcist culture which is bent on recasting Afrikan people into their homosexual image.

  •   August 16th, 2012 Anonymous Says:

    Wow evil and hateful fighting evil and hateful. Protecting children is one thing, but attacking the homosexual community as a whole is not the solution. It only starts another problem. The reason we black people are a weak are because we separate ourselves. We never seem to work as a unit. I am personally going leave this site, because it is people like you that cause the world to war amongst itself. I’m all for protecting the children because they are our future, but you are using the children to fuel your hate against homosexuals, “Uncle Tom’s”, and people who tend to inter racially marry. Your name for this this thing (your website), is attention grabbing, but an absolute and utterly despicable example of misguided leadership.

  •   October 29th, 2013 ARW Says:

    Umm…, Anonymous you are so weak! What do you think WOH is trying do? It’s mission is about fighting against Western supremacy. Yeah, you sound like a punk who wants that multiracial BS mixed in with that weak soft version of Pan(sy) Afrikan crap. Go to the dumbass SPLC, sissy!

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